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Our "quant" specialists have spent a considerable amount of time developing in-house tools able to calculate all the exotic payoff available in the market. Our cutting edge technology lets us to evaluate and create more performing solutions for our clients.

Synesis Finance couples the traditional dealer broker expertise with the most advanced structuring skills. Our financial engineering dept has an outstanding track record developed over years.

It could support our clients proposing traditional solutions as well as innovative ones never seen before.

We are able to provide such a service since:
  • we keep daily contact with all the most important "derivatives & structuring team" from all the major Investment Houses in order to receive updated quotes for all market inputs (such as volatility surfaces, credit spreads, financial models);
  • we developed in–house pricing models (high level accuracy), key factor to keep independency and leadership in a so sofisticated sector such as the derivatives one;
  • we support with our outstanding skills our dealing-room facing daily trading activity. In particolar we filter all the proposals keeping the best ones and we create new ideas to fuel the innovation process.